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5 Beginner Friendly Aquarium Plants


So, you’ve got the tank, and you’ve got the fish. You’re keeping the fish alive (kudos, by the way)  and enjoying the peace an aquarium can bring. Now you’re ready to level up and bring plants into the mix. We’re all for that, and we’ve got you covered to level up. 

So, first things first, we want to set you up to succeed. We’re looking to hook you up with hardy plants, nothing needy or fussy. We want as close to plug-and-play as we can get. So, let’s “dive” in! (Sorry, it had to be done.)  


1. The Java Fern  

java fern aquarium plant aquabed

The Java Fern is a no-brainer for this list because this plant is as no fuss as it gets. Low-tech tank? Cool. No extra lighting? Perfect. Soft water? That’s ok. Hard water? That’s ok too. 

Bonus? Most fish don’t like to snack on it, so it’s not likely to be nibbled on by its tank mates. 



2. Anubias Barteri

This is another easy-to-grow and tolerant plant for your tank. Like the Java Fern, Anubias Barteri is not tasty to most fish. It also does well in tanks of all sizes both large and small. This hardy little plant will add a splash of vibrant green to your tank, without too much hassle or maintenance. 



3. Marimo Moss Balls

marimo moss balls aquarium plant aquabed


This plant is so easy it could rival the Java Fern for the #1 spot on this list. Marimo Moss Balls are small and look cute in almost any tank. They’re already a low-cost option, but you can also buy them in bulk, making them even more cost-effective. 

These moss balls do well in cold water and column feed. Don’t worry about planting; just drop them in the tank! Just make sure to wash them occasionally as they collect detritus which will cause them to darken over time.    



4. Vallisneria

Vallisneria aquarium plant aquabed

Vallisneria is another budget-friendly plant for a low-tech tank! Not only are Vallisneria’s leaves soothing to watch as they sway in your tank’s current, but they also provide shelter for your fish. Due to its height, Vallisneria is a great background plant. 

It’s a fast grower and can get tall left unchecked. The only specific care it requires is that it feeds on aquarium fertilizers. 


5. Java Moss

An amiable relative of the Java Fern, the Java Moss plant boasts many of the same virtues as the Java Fern. 

Java Moss is a safe plant since most fish have no desire to nibble on it, and it also provides excellent cover for small or young fish in your tank. 


So there you have it! Five incredibly easy plants for you to grow the skills of your aquatically green thumb. If you have a specific plant in mind that requires substrate, or you’ve tried these and are still struggling, you’re in the right place! AquaBed goes under whatever floor you’ve chosen for your tank and can feed three to four plants for several years! Reach out today! 

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