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Is AquaBed a patented product?

Yes. I received an official patent for AquaBed on September 4th, 2018. (See my patent below.)

Where can I buy AquaBed?

AquaBed is available on eBay listed under aquarium plant soil. I am planning to sell AquaBed through wholesalers and retailers in the near future.

What is AquaBed made of?

AquaBed is a self-contained aquatic plant earth bed, made up of a fiberglass screened bag that allows plant roots to penetrate the inner paper sleeve full of nutrient-dense soil.

How do I add AquaBed to my aquarium?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Slowly and gently submerge the AquaBed in the water. Remove all air. The soil in AquaBed must be completely dry for packaging and shipping, so it may take a few moments to saturate.
  2. Place the AquaBed on the glass bottom of your aquarium.
  3. Hold the plant roots directly on top of the AquaBed and cover with the substrate (gravel, sand, etc).
  4. Level the substrate so only the base of the plants are visible for a natural look.

How many AquaBeds should I put in my tank?

One AquaBed is roughly 5" x 6" in size. You could fit 10 AquaBeds in a 10-gallon aquarium, covering the entire bottom. The number of AquaBeds you choose to put in your tank depends on how many plants you want in your aquascape.

How many plants can one AquaBed sustain?

Limit to 3 or 4 individual plants per AquaBed.

Will AquaBed make my aquarium water murky?

No. Over time, the soil in AquaBed hardens and becomes a solid mass, so it won't ooze out and create a mess in your tank during cleaning, soil replacement, or when you add more plants above it.

How long will AquaBed last in my aquarium before it needs to be replaced?

AquaBed feeds and sustains aquatic plants for 3+ years. In my test aquarium, AquaBed has lasted 8 years and counting!

How will AquaBed affect my fish?

Adding AquaBed to your aquarium will guarantee a healthier ecosystem and happier fish. Healthy live plants help achieve the right nutrients in the water, and small fish will have a place to hide and feel relaxed in a natural environment.

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