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Aquarium Plant Earth Bed

AquaBed is an aquarium plant earth bed. It is a 4" x 5" x 1/2" pouch of soil, enough to sustain three to four plants for years. Over time the soil in AquaBed hardens, becomes one solid chunk, so it won't ooze out and create a mess in your tank when cleaning, or replacing it, or adding more plants above it. AquaBed is designed to be hidden under plants in aquarium substrate ( sand, gravel, etc ) for a natural look, while providing up to three plants, per bed. The nutrient rich soil they need to thrive and spread for years. Plants and trees send out fine hair like roots in search of nutrition to stay healthy, and live longer. Once they find it, they thicken and grow. These roots easily work their way into AquaBed.

AquaBed is a simple yet very effective way for anyone of any age to achieve a planted aquarium, with no mess or murky water. AquaBed won't harm fish, or effect water quality. AquaBed can be added to a new set up or an existing one with ease.

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